How to Automate Your Business Accounting Processes

In today's business climate, there is a need for entrepreneurs and managers to consider adopting automation technologies in accounting. Automation allows smooth flow of operations, increases the business' visibility, improves accountability in bookkeeping and accounting, and reduces costs. Both small and large business can adopt automation software and technologies to simplify tasks and stay abreast of changes in the business world. Here are some tips on how to give your accounting processes an overhaul.

What Accounting Issues Arise When Accounting for Partial Disposals and Acquisitions?

Today's business environment is very competitive. Companies buy and sell off other business ventures to maintain their competitive advantage. These transactions are referred to as mergers and acquisitions. The management of a company may decide to sell off its venture wholly, or just a part of it. Partial disposal of a merger or acquisition can present significant challenges in terms of recording the transactions. The following discussion outlines these challenges for all start-up managers to help you gain an understanding: